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Thursday, April 06, 2006

The ID cards coming into forced usage in the United Kingdom are part of a global project called the World ID project.
Based underground in a military installation in the United States, huge computer mainframes are in place ready to store, catagorise and search a database of information on the whole population of the earth.
Dr. William Deagle a medical doctor who has worked on secret government projects claims to have visited the underground computer mainframe in 1994, underneath Schriever AFB in Colorado Springs.
download here

ID cards have been rolled out across the world over recent years, Pakistan, Brazil, China, India, Czechoslovakia and Italy only being a small sample, have finally reached the UK and been forced through by our wayward government.

Its hard to imagine the contrast, when in Asia 1 billion live in poverty, their governments are only interested in giving them mandatory ID cards to access private services, vote (inevitably), collect social security, open a bank account, travel and like in Italy, show on demand to law enforcement officials.
The US supreme court ruled June 2004 that ID must be shown on demand to law enforcement.
I suppose its all just to cut fraud.

The reality appears to be that some form of global control grid is coming down hard on the people living not just in Asia but all around the world and soon may come to us unsuspecting UK citizens too.
It is quite possible that this ID card the government so forceful pushed through has exactly the same implications for us as it does for those in communist China or fascist Italy.

Initially our ID cards (UK) are biometric and will replace our passports but in the future they will be DNA based and the plan appears to be then to have a DNA database for every nation. In the United States ID cards are being introduced through driving licenses as few own passports.

The plan is to integrate this into the new security features for travel. I.e. in the New World you will need to present your approved global standard biometrics ID card to travel abroad. Seeing as this is only the beginning the strategy appears to be to move then down to national travel, railway stations for example, then down to the local level, boarding buses.

The governments claim all sorts of things for these cards one of them is that it will stop fraud, but the technology approved as the global standard "facial biometrics ID" is the least accurate of all biometrics data.
University of Cambridge professor Daugman who developed the international algorithms for Iris recognition claims it fails 5% to 40% of the time.

"Today's computer algorithms for automatic face recognition have a truly appalling performance, in terms of accuracy,"

The recognition software is currently only capable of checking your face, no criminal database checks anywhere, yet. A human being can do that.

So why has the ICAO "specified facial recognition as the globally interoperable biometric technology for machine-assisted identity confirmation?" (link)
In the technology testing they relied upon (FRVT2002) a New York Times report on it concludes "Cognitec, the leading performer on that test, gained a 77 percent rating but its success rate fell to 56 percent when the watch list grew to 3,000."

Even the best biometrics technology being rolled out, Iris scans, still fall far short of any kind of security.
In February 2002 the US Department of Defense issued a report that found wide discrepancies between manufacturers' claims of successful biometrics identification rates and those seen in the field. The report found that iris recognition did better than most but one manufacturer's claim of a 0.5% false identification rate ballooned to 6% during the DOD tests.
Even 0.5% is not acceptable.

Fingerprints are left everywhere, they are not secure. Also for the estimated 2% of the population who have worn finger pads the scanners wont work. Contact lenses can possibly be manufactured to fool iris scanners. Voice recognition wont work in noisy areas, and can potentially be fooled by computer software.

Current biometirc technology is not only easy to bypass but fundamentally flawed at even checking the real card owner. It is not ready for global secure rollout.
The only conclusion can be that this system is destined to fail, possibly designed that way as a political tool to help bring in DNA databases or microchipping, both of which are firmly on the agenda.

Once again the technology is incapable of working with databases and yet huge amounts of money are being pumped into this.
Makes you wonder what's going on surely?

The government is only interested in selling your data, using it to make money. The two motives conflict stongly, keeping it secure and selling it for profit! They do not work together.

Ill finish with a quote from the ID World Electronic passport website

"The issuing of machine-readable travel documents will take place in three distinct waves – first ePassports, then National IDs and finally Visas - and 2006 will see the creation of the infrastructure to support this major shift. Such a revolution could be viewed merely as a consequence of the mandatory implementation of a relatively narrow project, but in reality the introduction of electronic travel documents worldwide will pave the way towards the much broader market penetration of RFID and biometric technology in the areas of citizen ID and eGovernment projects."

How Real ID will affect you
National Identification Schemes

BBC - World Travel ID
US Supreme court ruling (PDF)


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Earth is too crowded
“Let us assume that an optimum human population level exists… perhaps 2-3 billion.
A path to reach Utopia from where we are now is straightforward…”

Chris Rapley wants to help the environment, he wants a Utopia.
He subscribes to an apparently common view among academics that the world has an ideal population, and we are already way beyond it. Chris Rapley believes that the Earth's optimum population is probably between 2 to 3 billion.

However Chris chooses to dress it up, his opinion that reducing human population should be the key goal of those who want to help the environment is a pretty irresponsible view to take.
He cannot escape from the fact that if 2 to 3 billion (give or take a few hundred million? Just the current population of the whole of the United States) is a necessary 'sustainable' goal. Then with the current population currently standing at 6.5 billion and 9 billion by 2050 considered inevitable by the United Nations, then there is some serious culling to do.

In his article for the BBC he writes
"...the truth is that the contribution of each individual cannot be reduced to zero.
"Only the lack of the individual can bring it down to nothing.
"...a path to reach 'Utopia' from where we are now is, in principle, a straightforward matter."

Chris Rapley's Utopia might be wonderful once we get there, but the worldwide extermination of 6 billion people taints the Utopian image slightly, at least to my mind.

Again we hear the mantra of sustainability and sustainable development, concepts pushed strongly by United Nations.

Among academics though similar views to Chris' are not uncommon. These people who have been through the education system since birth and ended up at university being indoctrinated by other extermination advocating professors, believe that there is a resource shortage facing the Earth and that humans are no more than a bacteria on its surface.

They do not seem to fully comprehend what they are advocating when they theorise about saving the world and creating utopias.
They seem often isolated from others, convinced of their own superiority, knowledge and greater understanding arising from their academic status. Caught in their own little world.

Utopias are visionary, idealistic world scenarios, but ultimately are not realistic or practical.

Another one, a
Professor Guillebaud, announced 'The world population needed to be reduced by nearly two-thirds if climate change was to be prevented and everyone on the planet was to enjoy a lifestyle similar to that of Europeans.' "We urgently need to stabilise and reduce human numbers."

He co-chairs something called the Optimum Population Trust, a group that announces in its latest news page, '
Population Growth bigger threat than climate change'
The site has a population clock ticking away.

One can only imagine what these and other academics like them discuss amongst themselves in their biology and anthropology journals.

The fallacy of their arguments is in part demonstrated by similar methods producing an optimum population for the UK of 20 million, something which appears absurd given that the large majority of us 60+ million living here are very comforatble and most of the UK is still beautiful countryside and untouched wilderness.

Professors who say that in order to solve environmental issues facing the world, extermination of 66% of the world’s population is inevitable.
I feel the same way about those guys as I do the ones espousing that the earth is running out of resources like water, air and food and we desperately needs sustainable development, i.e. the elimination of 90% of the worlds population as quickly as possible.

They are surely brainwashed, confused and do not fully understand the implications of their Intellectualising.
What other explanantion could there be?

Earth is too crowded for Eutopia
Population pressures

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Investigation into Depopulation

Opinions Unnerve some
Painka gets visit form the FBI
Critcized on Campus

SOCA, the Serious Organised Crime Agency, a new crime fighting agency launched officially on April 3rd 2006 by Tony Blair, not only has secret offices in the UK but secret offices around the world with the power to operate abroad.

The agency’s primary targets are drug smuggling and people trafficking with 50% and 25% of the budget allocated respectively and it will have officers on the ground all over the world from Afghanistan to Eastern Europe and out to Colombia.
Law enforcement teams from different nations will co-operate with each other under SOCA as precedents are set in the move towards European wide and eventually global policing.

The media has dubbed it Britains FBI, already operating in secret for at least one year before it officially went 'live' in the media, the agency is setting the precedent for its behaviour to come.

It amalgamates the operations of our National Crime Squad, the National Criminal Intelligence Service and Customs and Immigration Service teams into one team with unprecedent new powers. To top it off for good measure it is all headed up by a former director general of the security service, MI5.

While police had the legal status of "constables", the new agency would have "agents".

The Scottish police federation said: "We fail to understand why SOCA should set up as a non-police agency employing agents as opposed to police officers and not as a police organisation.

"SOCA will deal with crime and crime is a police business, and not something to be dealt with by an agency established, controlled and directed by the secretary of state or any other politician."

Or for that matter the state Secret Service. If this is policing for the 21st century i think id still rather be in the 20th.

To sum it all up, behind all the flashy official PR media announcements, this new agency is setting some ominous precedents.

A secret police force with secret stations, secret officers, unprecedent new powers, operating with a global perspective and all headed up by an ex-secret service spy chief.

Welcome to the new world.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dr. Pianka has put up an explanation of his views after causing controversy and receiving death threats.
He has also been interviewed by local TV affiliate KXAN Austin(video), who reported that he will do a number of national talk show interviews in an effort to clear his name.

Dr. Pianka claimed jealousy of his award probably motivated his rival.

Whatever the truth about what was said or not said, reading Dr. Pianka's views he certainly fits the bill as 'Doctor Doom.'
"We are behaving like bacteria growing on an agar plate...I believe it is only a matter of time until microbes once again assert control over our population..
"We are running out of virtually everything from oil, food and land to clean air and water.
"I am convinced that the world would clearly be much better off without so many of us."

He then goes on to say something particularly interesting, "For example, consider the manifold effects of global warming. We need to make a transition to a sustainable world."

A sustainable world is the mantra of globalist organisations like the United Nations.
Sustainable development is an integral part of the United Nations agenda 21 strategy for global government.
Key to the United Nations strategy to assert control at a global level is to be able to convince humanity that there is some kind of imminent threat to the planet. Whether it be Global Warming or a critical resource shortage, the United Nations is here to tell you it exists and make a fuss about it.

Sustainable development is part of the 'necessaray' solution to these threats and advocates of it should be treated with suspition.

Despite all the uncertainties surrounding Eric Pianka, there is one thing this author is certain of, that Dr Pianka more than does justice to the moniker 'Doctor Doom.'

UN Sustainable Development
United Nations Agenda 21

Pianka gets a visit from the FBI

"This process of population stabilization should have begun in 1960 when human numbers were 'only' three billion and certainly cannot be delayed much longer."

With the news going around the Internet about Dr. Eric R. Pianka's chilling depopulation speech, it might be timely to expose some of the other individuals who also advocate depopulation solutions.

Here is a document written in 1995 published on a negative population growth thinktank. The document is entitled 'Confronting The 21st Century's Hidden Crisis:Reducing Human Numbers by 80%' written by J. Kenneth Smail who is a Professor of Anthropology Department of Anthropology/Sociology at Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio.

The document starts like this,
"My position is simply stated. Within the next half-century, it will be essential for the human species to have an... internationally coordinated set of initiatives focused on reducing the then-current world population by at least 80%."

Humans' growth is exponential, he suggests. From 1.6 billion in 1900 to 6 billion in 2000, a four fold increase in 100 years. Even if zero population growth were implemented right away it would take two or three generations for the human population to stabilise.
So professor Smail argues for the need to establish a worldwide fertility rate of 1.5 to 1.7 in order to stabilise global population over the 21st century world.

However not only does he call for stabilisation of global population but then also an overall population reduction of 80%
He claims "there is... precious margin for error and its prudent to work from the... assumption that the earth's long-term carrying capacity is no greater than two billion people."

Professor Smail stops short of suggesting airborne Ebola as a perfect agent like Dr Pianka, or of suggesting any possible agents to achieve the depopulation part of strategy.
The stark reality is, he concludes, "Population regulation is the primary issue facing humanity; all other matters are subordinate."

It just goes to show that this 'radical' view of depopulation has its supporters. Maybe that goes some way to explaining why a speech like Dr Piaka's would receive a standing ovation.
The negative population growth site has a long list of articles on population growth limits.

The excellent research at documents other examples or hints of thinking along similar lines to Professor Smails, they cite:

1)A foreword in Prince Philip's biography If I Were An Animal, "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation."

2)A National Security Memo 200, dated April 24, 1974, and titled "Implications of world wide population growth for U.S. security & overseas interests," says: "Dr. Henry Kissinger proposed in his memorandum to the NSC that "depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World..."

3)Kissinger prepared a depopulation manifesto for President Jimmy Carter called Global 2000 which detailed using food as a weapon to depopulate the third world.

4)One of the most chilling admissions of deadly intent came from the lips of the late Jacques Cousteau, the sainted environmental icon. In an interview with the UNESCO Courier for November 1991 the famed oceanographer said:

"...One American burdens the earth much more than twenty Bangaladeshes...In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it’s just as bad not to say it."

This article I think goes a fair way to show that the concepts of depopulation or at the very least population stabilisation are not as unrealistic as you might think. Maybe the basic ideals share some considerable support even if it is a topic generally kept out of the public eye.

Dr. Eric R. Pianka 'Doctor Doom' at Texas University

Those are the words of Forrest M. Mims, the Editor of Citizen Scientist Magazine who was present at a lecture at Lamar University given by a University of Texas professor named Dr. Eric R. Pianka.

This professor advocated the extermination of 90% of the worlds population, ideally with the Ebola virus.

Ebola fever is one of the deadliest of a group of diseases called viral hemorrhagic fevers. The Ebola Zaire seems to be fatal in about 90% of the cases.
Ebola virus was discovered in 1976 and named after a river in Zaire, Africa. The source of the viruses in nature remains unknown. There is no known cure or treatment.

With quotes like "we need to steralise everybody on the earth, China is the model, we need a police state that was how China managed to turn the corner." The professor showed not just psychopathic but totalitarian leanings.

"He laughed about death, dying and morbid topics" said Forrest Mims.
"He brought along an 'Ebola toy' to another speech he went to on Friday"

The speech at Lemar was apparently received with enthusiasm, applause and a standing ovation. "Hundreds of scientists applauded this guy."

Five hours later the professor was receiving the 'distinguished scientist of the year award' from the Texas Academy of Science.

"He is very famous" says Mr. Mims "when he got the award at the banquet I just walked out, I couldn't take it anymore"

Doctor Eric 'Doom' Pianka
Forrest Mims
Forest Mims interview


Negative Population growth
Focus on Depopulation

"If I had to narrow it down to one person....I think my prime suspect would be Dick Cheney."

Alex Jones (of gets another scoop on his nationaly aired GCN radio show as he interviews Dr. Robert Bowman who raises his doubts over the offical government conspiracy theory.

His Bio is very Impressive:

Lt. Col. USAF ret. DR. Robert Bowman

* He flew 101 combat missions over Vietnam,
* One of the countries foremost experts on national security,
* Former director of the Star wars defense program under presidents Ford and Carter,
* Vice president of Space Communications company,
* A Ph.D. is in Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering from Caltech,
* President of the Institute for Space and Security Studies,
* Executive Vice President of Millennium III Corporation,
* Residing Arch Bishop of the United Catholic Church,
* Recipient of the Eisenhower Medal,
* Recipient of the George F. Kennan Peace Prize,
* Recipient of the President’s Medal of Veterans for Peace,
* Recipient of the Republican aviation airpower award,
* Recipient of the the Society of Military Engineers Gold Medal (twice),
* Recipient of the Air Medal with five oak leafe clusters,
* and numerous other awards,
* Lectured at the national war college, the United Nations, congressional caucuses, the academics of science of six nations and the House of Lords.
* Democratic Candidate for Florida District 15,
* Currently running for United States President in 2006,

Bowman fingers the vice president Dick Cheyney as a key suspect and calls for a real investigation, not a "sham."

Read a summary of Bowmans opinions here
or listen to the interview here
or download the mp3 here

you can listen below
"This government has systematically undermined the rule of international law and violated human rights - now it has democracy in its sights"

The Cabinet office has decided to tackle what it calls "unnecessary or over-complicated regulation."

This isn’t anything to do with the tidal wave of unnecessary or over-complicated regulation that the UK is currently being hit with from the EU.

Nor is the government interested in the increase in red tape people in the UK are suffering, like the three times increase in management positions in the NHS since Labours arrival in 1997 to deal with extra bureaucracy, or policemen spending only 17% of their time on the beat due to government red tape. (1)

No, none of that. The "unnecessary or over-complicated regulation" the Labour party is intening on tackling is a restriction placed on its powers to govern, something the rest of us call Parliament.

The title legislative and regulatory reform bill doesnt nearly give it away. Some have better termed it the Abolition of Parliament bill, others the Totalitarianism Bill.
It allows government ministers to amend, repeal or replace any legislation without consulting parliament.

There is information out there on it, some papers have written about it, there is a website against it.

So as this bill now enters its third reading in the commons, it seems the Blair government is now describing parliament as "unnecessary" or as an "over-complication".
Blair knows best. Just look at Iraq for proof that in Blair-world, he is never wrong, even when he is.
So who needs debate, it’s a waste of time, "unnecessary", an "over-complication".

This is the latest assault on British traditions by Blair who has attacked the House of Lords, calling for reform, since being elected back in 1997.

Time to go now Tony...

1) PA Consulting, Diary of a Police Officer, November 2001

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